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About us

1991         The idea for establishing Elektroelement originated from its founder Stojmir Joshevski - electrical engineer, eminent businessman and active contributor to the society. From its very beginning, the company worked with mounting of distribution boxes and retail of cables. The company was located in Joshevski’s family house, which additionally indicates that it started as a family business. At the beginning, only three employees worked in the company.

1993        The company extended its scope of work and enriched its product selection with electronic measuring and switching equipment.

1995        Elektroelement relocated its headquarters to the quarter of Tutunski Kombinat – Skopje (near Stara Rampa) and enhanced its overall work, with a total number of 11 employees at that time.

1996        The company, which was already well-known on the Macedonian market, introduced a variety of lighting installation materials and lights, as well as a wide range of spare parts for domestic appliances.

2000        The company reached a number of 42 employees and offers a wide range of electrical products, cables, conductors and equipment wire, cable tools, equipment, measuring and switching equipment for high and low voltage, program for professional and decorative lighting, vast offer for public lighting, as well as spare parts for domestic appliances and industrial machines.

2001        Overall reorganization and restructuring of the company. A distribution hub for delivery of goods to any destination and recipient in Macedonia was opened, and first positive results from export of goods were achieved.

2001        Elektroelement Serbia was established with its headquarters in Novi Sad.

2003        Overall reorganization and restructuring of the company. A distribution hub for delivery of goods to any destination and recipient in Macedonia was opened, and first positive results from export of goods were achieved.

2004        100% of Elektrometal A.D. shares were acquired. The aim was to expand the range of products and to provide a full offer of construction sector products, such as:

    1. Metalworking industry,
    2. Chemistry and chemical products,
    3. Water supply equipment and heating,
    4. Sanitary equipment and ceramics,
    5. White and brown goods.

2010       Elektroelement became the second largest partner of HYUNDAI Corporation for Southeastern Europe, for the following countries in the region: Macedonia, Serbian and Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The prime mission of Elektroelement is to continually and promptly supply the other companies from the industry, the construction business sector, electricity industry, mounting of electrical the public and communal sector with the needed materials, and at the same time offer full professional and technical support.

Over the course of two decades, Elektroelement has been operating as a company with high standards in several industrial branches and is pursuing its own way of infiltrating in the economic structures in the Republic of Macedonian, and beyond.
Elektroelement is a leading company when it comes to supply with electrical materials, leader in the wholesale, supplier with the widest range of products in this sector in the country, and beyond its borders.

With the aim to provide a full service, Elektroelement offers spare parts for appliances, as well as hand and electric tools and accessories. The company has solid achievements in the field of metalwork and chemistry products merchandize, and metalworking industry products.

Elektroelement bears experience with sales of water supply, sanitary equipment and ceramics products. Most recently added part to the range of products offered by the company is the personal protective equipment from a worldwide known supplier.

Elektroelement owns the biggest infrastructure and resources in this field of work. The company has a modern business space and warehouse, efficient ways for goods management and quick delivery. Opening of new premises is also planned in the future. They will too offer professional and well qualified staff that is at all times oriented to the individual needs of all clients, as the main objective all all employees in the company is team work and satisfied customers.
The results that Elektrometal has achieved over the last two decades are an attestation of the company’s success and verification that it is a reliable partner for the 21st century. Elektroelement has been paving its road to success through tough transitional times and still has managed to achieve sound results, which stand as an immense reference for the future.