Кнотакт Центар


Elektroelement is operating in the following fields of work:

Electrotechnical materials

Conductors, cables, equipment wire and cable equipment

Due to the clear vision and high standards, the company is a leading distributor of cables and conductors in Macedonia and the region. We offer the following types of cables:

  • installation cables and conductors,
  • rubber cables,
  • cables and conductors with silicone insulation,
  • power cables from 1-30 kv,
  • bare copper ropes and AL-CЕ ropes,
  • aerial bundle conductors,
  • telecommunication cables,
  • coaxial cables,
  • command and signal cables,
  • network cables and other special types of cables.



When it comes to lighting, the company offers a rich variety of products, divided into two groups:

  • Professional lighting

The range of products covers: outdoor lighting, industrial lighting and indoor lighting.

  • Decorative lighting

The range of products covers: outdoor lighting, indoor lighting and Christmas lights.

Wiring devices, socket, switches (Bakelite)

In this sector, the following types of products are offered: switches and sockets, all types of mechanical protection and protection against dampness, full equipment and spare parts for all types of mounting, bathroom indicators, plugs, extension leads, cable reels, lampholders, bells and other electrical installation products.

High and low voltage equipment

Elektroelement offers high, medium and low voltage equipment, such as: automatic switches, cartridges, high voltage fuses, cut-outs, contactors, bimetals, different types of relays, surge and cathode arresters. The company has high quality and complete solutions for protection of electric installations in buildings.

Spare parts for home appliances

Elektroelement offers different types of spare parts for home appliances, through export and import connections with numerous foreign companies.

Metalware products

One of the segments in which Elektroelement has reached a significant success on the Macedonian market is the range of screws and nuts, nails, connective parts, hinge, locks, cylinders, shields and door-handles, electrodes and welding materials.

Hand and power tools and accessories, safety equipment

As part of this sector, Elektroelement offers a variety of products aimed to fulfill the needs of the following target groups: machinery, electricity industry, construction sector and other industries, from the aspect of ongoing and investment maintenance.

Chemistry products

In addition to other types of products, Elektroelement offers a whole program of paints and varnishes, glues, plaster and plaster products.

Water supply, sanitary equipment and ceramics products

Due to the fact that Elektroelement is continually building up its presence in the construction business sector, one of the leading departments in the company is the one retailing water supply and sanitary equipment and ceramics products.

Metalworking industry products

In the wide range of products, the company trades with products of the metalworking industry, such as: pipes, tin, construction iron, wires, bindings and nets. All products are with high quality and ISO standards.